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more Dedirush perks

Managed Colocation

Proven expertise

  • We can help you configure and support your high-power density deployments.
Colocation Lounge

Simple and transparent

  • Transparent pricing, and bandwidth usage updates
  • So there are no nasty surprises, and it's as simple to manage your budget as it is to manage your servers.
Hardware on Hand

Hardware on Hand

  • We are a full service dedicated server & cloud provider
  • Wide variety of new CPUs, RAM and HDDs always in stock
  • Plenty of spare parts available for purchase or loan
Network Optimizing

Network Optimizing

  • Noction IRP Routing Protocol
  • Network serves customers in 130+ countries
  • Level3, TWTC, GTT, Comcast, Global Crossing, NTT & Cogent transit